Hyalite Opal


Origin: Karibab, Namibia

4 x 3cm

* With Quartz and Calcite Inclusion.

Gives clarity, purity of thoughts. Unclutters a muddled mind. Calms and recenters. A stone of passion. Inspires love. Helps to entire the ideal partner, improves attraction and furthers relationships. Ignites creativity, enhances natural talent and attracts success.

Hyalite Opal occurs in volcanic and magma rock formation. When the water and silica were combined with the ultimately burning hot rock formation, globular and irregular crust forms when cooled down.

* UV Torch Light is used to torch and show the opal in highlight.
* MOH scale: 5.5 – 6.5. Can touch water but don’t submerge for long. Just run thru.

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