Brandberg Starburst Quartz


Origin : Goboboseb, Namibia

6 x 4 cm

*Flower-Shape Formation Clear Brandberg. Natural terminations. A beautiful specimen, special and amazing in its own way.

High vibrational powerful and rare. Excellent for keeping cool and maintaining calmness under great pressure. The soothing, calming Amethyst influence; with Smoky and Clear Quartz grounding, cleansing and balancing properties and effects; helps one to cope and thrive under challenging conditions.

Brandberg Quartz are known to be rare and highly sought after. Due to it’s harsh surrounding conditions; miners would have to pack and prep their own food, drinks, medical supplies. Brandberg is located in a desert; where it’s purely filled with sand, basalt, rocks and others. There’s no hospital, medic, restaurant or even housing in that area. Miners would have to bring along their own medic as they are open to natural threats like scorpions, snakes, bugs and other desert animals. To mine the Brandberg Quartz, miners are open to all kind of threats and danger. Sometimes they yield just a few pieces. Therefore, Brandberg Quartz are very priced possessions.

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